Stryper Battle With Walmart Over Album Title

Expressing concerns over the album title, leading American retail chain Walmart has refused to carry chart-topping rock band STRYPER’s new 10th studio album, God Damn Evil. Several Christian retail chains have also objected to the title and declined to carry God Damn Evil in their stores.

“We’re disappointed,” says STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet. “Stryper has always been about making people think outside the box. Our new album title God Damn Evil is a statement that’s needed in our society. We’ve seen evil rise to new levels and this title is simply a prayer request asking God to damn or condemn all the evil around us. Many chains have joined us in making such a statement. Walmart unfortunately has not. The odd thing is of all the chains out there we assumed Walmart would be one to understand exactly what our point and purpose is. Unfortunately not. Although we respect their decision and what’s done is done, it’s frustrating to see something that’s meant for good get misinterpreted and misunderstood.”


New Recruit for Stryper

After months of speculation, multi-platinum rock band STRYPER is excited to announce the addition of iconic bass player Perry Richardson to the band lineup. Richardson joins original members Michael Sweet (vocals and guitar), Robert Sweet (drums) and Oz Fox (guitar), all of whom are currently in pre-production on their upcoming album due in 2018 from Frontiers Music SRL.

The bass player position became available following last year’s highly successful 30th Anniversary To Hell With The Devil Tour, which saw record crowds and featured Stryper’s largest sound and lighting production in nearly two decades. Perry becomes only the 3rd bass player to fill that slot in the band’s 34 year career.

Richardson is best-known as a founding member of the multi-platinum band Firehouse, who exploded onto the scene in the early 1990s with hit singles like “Don’t Treat Me Bad,” “Love of a Lifetime” and “When I Look Into Your Eyes.” In 1992, the band took home an American Music Award for Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist, beating out both Nirvana and Alice In Chains. Since departing Firehouse, Richardson has remained active touring with various artists including Trace Adkins and Craig Morgan


Review Xtra – STRYPER : Live at the Whisky

stryper-live-at-the-whiskeySTRYPER : Live at the Whisky.   (

Stryper? Where to start? 30 years ago… or a just a couple when they reformed? I tried to just sit back and take this CD as it is – a live set recorded in 2013 at the legendary Whisky A Go Go, but I couldn’t help but keep comparing with their past glories. Amazon has this listed as a CD/DVD package, but I only had the CD so that’s all I can review, I’m afraid. And it’s a good CD. It’s very live and leaps snarling from the speakers. The musicianship is as good as you’d hope from seasoned pros. The harmonies aren’t quite as sharp as their studio output, especially as the gig progresses (but whose are – unless you go back and re-record them?) but Michael Sweet is unmistakable as he hits his high vibrato and the way the voices combine is Stryper through and through (eg ‘Calling On You’): if anything it was this that set them apart when they first burst on the scene and it’s good to hear they’ve still got it. The intro and solo to “Loud and Clear” shows they’ve not slowed down on the fretwork, either (and the traded solos on ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’ are a delight). It’s good, also, to hear the clarity of conviction that amazed people at the time: as they sing “I will follow you because you died for me” (‘More Than A Man’) it’s the kind of simple Christian message critics said couldn’t be delivered in mainstream rock. How wrong they were. If there’s a criticism of the CD, it’s that it is so full-on. There’s no real light and shade in the first half: at a gig you don’t really care, but listening at home it does. Maybe this is an “in the car” CD, therefore, where subtlety doesn’t get heard. They do slow down for a run of tracks in the second half, giving them a chance to show a more melodic side to the guitar riffs (and the audience a chance to belt out the choruses). After the recent “Second Coming” which saw their greatest tracks re-recorded, a live set may seem superfluous. But it has tons more energy than that release and gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for should you be lucky enough to see them live. Best track: The Way (if only because I picked ‘Reach Out’ from ‘Second Coming’).

7/10.   Paul Ganney

Classic Rock from Stryper.


STRYPER are back with their latest release, a live CD/DVD combination called ‘Live At The Whisky’. The live recording will be available on 23rd September 2014 via Frontiers Records.

The concert was recorded at a sold-out show last November at the famous Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Blvd. The 16-track collection documents the band’s first show in support of their latest critically acclaimed release, ‘No More Hell To Pay’. ‘Live At The Whisky’ documents Stryper’s rich musical legacy that spans over 30 years. The original lineup comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitars), Robert Sweet (drums), Oz Fox (guitars) and Tim Gaines (bass) showcase the musicianship and songs that garnered the band a huge fan base in the mainstream world and the Christian market. Live At The Whisky was produced by Michael Sweet.

Competiton for All Stryper Fans!





Multi-platinum rock band Stryper is pleased to announce a very special contest around the latest single from their new studio album, NO MORE HELL TO PAY. “Te Amo” will be made available as a free download on the band’s official website at

Once fans have downloaded the track, they can utilize their artistic and technological skills to make a music or lyric video for the song. Once they have created their masterpiece, they can submit the video for review by a special panel of judges. The judges will pick their 10 favorite videos from the submissions, and those top 10 videos will then be posted on for not only Stryper fans, but hard rock and heavy metal fans around the world to vote for their favourite.

The grand prize winner will have their video posted on Stryper’s official YouTube channel, Frontiers Records’ YouTube channel and, with director credit for the video on all sites. The winner will also receive a Skype call with vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet and a prize package containing Stryper merchandise items, guitar picks, drumsticks and an autographed copy of NO MORE HELL TO PAY.

The Happening – Stryper “No More Hell To Pay” @Stryper

StryperFrontiers Records is proud to announce the release of iconic Christian rock band STRYPER’s new studio album, ‘No More Hell To Pay’; the offering has been confirmed for a November 5th release in North America and will be available in two formats: standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content.

Produced by frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet, the set features some of Stryper’s strongest and heaviest material ever. Sweet  commented, “NO MORE HELL TO PAY marks our 30 year anniversary and what a journey it has been! It’s our eleventh studio release since our first album in 1984 (THE YELLOW & THE BLACK ATTACK) and it’s quite possibly our best record to date. Why? It’s everything you might expect from a Stryper record – high octane vocals, layered vocal harmonies, guitar solos galore, driving drums and bass and an energy that hasn’t been achieved since our glory days. The message is equally as powerful as it offers hope and inspiration to anyone listening.”

The Happening – Stryper

StryperFrontiers Records have signed veteran rockers STRYPER to a multi-album deal. The first release due out in North America on 26th March will be a new re-recorded collection, ‘Second Coming’. Said the album’s vocalist and producer Michael Sweet, “We’re really excited about this record. The re-recorded songs are sounding awesome. . .better than the originals in many ways.