Ian Yates Releases New Video

ian-yates-high-wire7Coremusic announce the release of the video ‘High Wire’. Directed by Brit Award nominated director
Andy Hutch (Ronan Keating, Van Morrison, Matt Redman, Delirious, Passion)
The video was filmed in Eastbourne in the South Coast of England.
High Wire is from Ian’s latest album ‘Awaken To Love’ receiving much radio play and #1 on the UK
Stepfwd Christian Chart.
‘Awaken To Love’ has been receiving a lot of coverage, especially in the UK.
Here are some of the reviews:
10/10 Cross Rhythms // Tony Cummings
5/5 Louder Than The Music // Jono Davies
10/10 One Man In The Middle
9/10 Never For Nothing // Geoff Howlett
4/5 Sonically Creative Worship // New Release Today
4/5 A Powerful Mix Of Electro Rock, Indie And Pop’ // Christianity Magazine
4.6/5 An Encouraging And Refreshing Collection //Thechristianbeat.Org

VIDEO URL: https://youtu.be/3Zxo_4Rl8KU

Website: http://www.ianyatesmusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ianyatesmusic…
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ianyatesmusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ianyatesmusic
Record Label: http://www.7coremusic.com
Director: http://www.andyhutch.com


The Review Zone – Ian Yates : Awaken to Love @IanYatesmusic

Ian Yates Awaken to LoveIAN YATES : Awaken to Love. (www.7coremusic.co.uk)

After releasing two singles from the album, Ian’s new release is finally here. Listening, it’s as if he’s found a new depth to his writing, as he hinted with the single “Dream Again.” A renewed relationship with God sees less of the uptempo tracks and more medium paced songs than previously. “High Wire” is one of the exceptions, as we hear what I like to call the charismatic sound and excitement of multi instruments. “Great is the Lord” is a very simple song, while Ian’s reworking of the Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love” is a very interesting move. On “No Longer I”, it’s a declaration that Christ lives in him, and the chorus becomes almost chant-like. Musically, the song begins quite quietly but towards the end, reaches a great crescendo. I liked the guitar riffs on the Talking Head’s influenced “Coming Home”, while the building rhythms on “My Hope” are equally as enjoyable. God’s promise on “Not Alone” is there for all to hear, as Ian sings; “You are not alone. Even though you’re crushed, you’re not forgotten.” “Deeper” has a very catchy tune, whilst the closing “Safe” has an atmospheric feel about it. Concentrating once more on the theme of a deeper relationship with God and knowing His presence in your life, the songs fit well with the rest of the album. I must admit, that this album took me two or three plays to appreciate, but that time was well worth it. 9/10.

The Review Zone – Ian Yates : High Wire @IanYatesmusic

ian-yates-high-wireIAN YATES : High Wire.   (www.7coremusic.co.uk)

‘High Wire’ is the first single from Ian’s highly anticipated fourth album ‘Awaken To Love’ Written with Nick Herbert (God’s Great Dance Floor, Jesus Saves) ‘High Wire’ is a song about trusting God in the unknown. Life can throw us challenges. As we go for all that we believe God has called us to it can sometimes feel like we are walking a high wire. Yet we can trust that He will catch us. He is always holding onto us .Blending the intimate and epic ‘High Wire’ is an emotional and passionate response to knowing God will never let us go. The song begins quite quietly before exploding into the charismatic sound that Ian has become renowned for over the last few years. It’s a song that instantly pricks your ears up to listen to the words. How many of us have fallen, only to be caught by God’s unfailing love? Ian’s voice rises, especially on the chorus, and leads the listener in praising and worshipping an all loving Father. Personally, I can’t wait for the album.   9/10.

Ian Yates’ Spinning Single.

Ian Yates

Following on from the success of IAN YATES’ ‘DNA’ album reaching number 5 in the UK’s Official Christian Chart, www.7coremusic.co.uk will be releasing ‘Spinning’ as a radio single and EP. The EP will feature a new radio mix of ‘Spinning’, an additional live version of the song recorded at the album launch earlier this year, plus 2 brand new studio tracks recorded during the album sessions but not yet released.

The Review Zone – Ian Yates : DNA

Ian Yates - DNAIAN YATES : DNA.   (www.7coremusic.co.uk)

Over the last 4 years, Ian Yates’ releases have consistently scored high marks from NFN reviewers. His fresh, exciting approach to the CCM scene has been a breath of fresh air, especially here in the UK. This new release features his trademark marriage of enthralling keyboard work, with sparkling guitars, and songs that contain pure and simple messages, all wrapped up in a contemporary style. The opening ‘Freedom Song’ lifted my heart as soon as it began to play. A wonderful intro, leading into a fantastic song about the Spirit of God. It would have been my choice as a single but, for the moment, that honour goes to ‘Fulness’. In itself, it’s a another good song, and reminded me very much of The Killers. ‘Christ in Me’ tells that everything Ian does, is centred on Christ, while ‘Innocent’ is slightly more sedate in pace, as he sings about Jesus dying for us. There are far too many highlights on this album to mention individually, but the slower ‘God I Need You’ does deserve a mention. It’s about falling down at the feet of God in thanks and praise, and Ian’s vocals and guitar work provide real power to the song. “Your love has rescued me, your love has set me free”. Simple words, but well written into the song ‘Rescued Me’. Similarly, ‘Spinning’ contains the lyrics “Your Love is like a tidal wave”. That’s how we should all feel about receiving His love. There’s some of the best guitar work on the album here, and the result is a great pop song. In fact, all the songs combine to make this one, great album!   10/10.

July Release for Ian Yates.

Ian Yates

7Core Music are excited to announce that the new album from IAN YATES, DNA will be released on July 21st 2014. Mixing elements of The 1975, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and U2, this is rock filled passion at it’s best. More than an album of songs this is a soundtrack realigning us to our original DNA. We are made in the image of God, designed to change the world, born of incorruptible seed. The message throughout DNA is of Gods love, grace and goodness from freedom to innocence, living in the fullness and enjoying our relationship with the Godhead. DNA is full of positive, upbeat, and life changing songs, not neglecting the challenges and questions of life, but declaring that there is a hope. Despite the struggles and pain we can face, God is with us and is always faithful. The first single from DNA will be ‘Fullness’ and is due for a June 2nd release, free through Noisetrade. There will be a video to accompany the single. Fullness is big, loud and full of energy. The song talks about Gods pursuit for His creation and how we now live in the fullness of Christ. www.7coremusic.com

The Review Zone – IAN YATES : Really Good News

Ian YatesIAN YATES : Really Good News (www.7Coremusic.co.uk)

‘Really Good News’ is the latest from Ian Yates and is his follow-up to ‘Good News’ (his second album from a few months back). This latest is a 5 track EP available as a free download or CD (the latter with two bonus tracks). It is the first time I have heard Ian’s work and it is evident from this listening that he brings a fresh creative edge to the CCM scene, although I soon found myself hearing influences of Jon Foreman of Switchfoot fame – whom I rate highly. Here we have well thought out lyrics, well sung – communicating an excitement and enthusiasm for the Christian faith. Fundamentally, this is studio-based contemporary worship, well done. Only the download was available for review, but of the five tracks provided the best for me were the opener ‘Fire’ with its repeating chorus “there’s a fire in our hearts and it burns for You” and ‘Fully satisfied’ (“I’m fully satisfied in you”) which is a powerful song based on Colossians 2. Overall production and arrangements are excellent. The recordings are, as is commonplace these days, strongly compressed – but the sound is better than others I have heard/reviewed lately. If he can maintain this standard however, I for one am looking forward to more from Ian Yates. 9/10 Dave Deeks.