Rachel Jane Waits No More

Orphan No More is excited to release the new single from RACHEL JANE, ‘Waiting For A Change’ (produced by Joshua Luke Smith). This new, dynamic, high energy offering showcases an honesty from the young songstress that evolves into an anthem of courage, perseverance, and strength, in the midst of frustration and delay.

She says of the record “This song came out of a season where I learned that even when you feel so ready to do all that you feel born to do, it’s not necessarily going to happen when you want it to. This song is for anyone needing encouragement in a time of waiting and growing in patience. Keeping holding on and pressing in, breakthrough can happen in a moment.”

With soul-bearing vocals and more passion than ever, her new EP ‘The Mountain’ will be released in July 2017, showcasing a maturity, vulnerability and open-hearted honesty that has become of Rachel Jane since her debut.

Inspiring TV Appearance for Sommer Floyd

Texas singer/songwriter SOMMER FLOYD recently appeared as a guest on LeSea Broadcasting’s flagship US  TV program, The Harvest Show. The effervescent young recording artist was interviewed on the popular television program, and also performed two songs, “Drop and Run” and “Stronger,” from her debut album, Ray of Light. The experience left a profound impression on the emerging recording artist.

“I was inspired by my time on The Harvest Show,” says Sommer. “I left the show feeling even more excited about this incredible journey led by Christ! The responses I’ve received from across the world and from viewers in my own hometown have left me speechless. The Harvest Show is a true example of an organization that is dedicated to being God’s hands and feet!”

The Review Zone – Rend Collective : Build Your Kingdom Here (A Rend Collective Mixtape) @rendcollective

rend_collective_a_rend_collective_mixtape_final_coverREND COLLECTIVE : ‘Build Your Kingdom Here (A Rend Collective Mixtape)’ : (Integrity Music)

It is a few years since I first came across the Northern Irish ‘Rend Collective Experiment’, giving a favourable review to their release ‘The art of celebration’. With a strong Tony Campolo endorsement behind them and a couple of albums on (one studio, one live), here we have a fourteen track compilation of selected songs to date – now with the ‘Experiment’ part of their name gone, implying that they must consider themselves fully proven! Being a compilation, existing followers will know what to expect. For those yet to catch up with the band, the Rend formula consists of well developed arrangements that usually build to a climax, featuring Gareth Gilkerson’s slightly raspy but note perfect vocals. These are usually set over repeating guitar riffs with a variety of other instruments coming in as the climax develops, all driven along by prominent drumming. There are a lot of well written songs here – lyrically (majoring on a personal relationship with God) and musically. The standout for me is probably their 2014 hit ‘Boldly I approach (The art of celebration)’, but others I specially enjoyed were ‘My lighthouse’, ‘You bled’, and ‘Alabaster’. ‘You are my vision’ is particularly effective – being a slight modification of the the hymn ‘Be Thou my vision’. The original of course is a request to God, whereas the Rend twist makes it a proclamation of faith! Sadly, with so much good about this release, sound quality is a let-down. Volume levels also vary noticeably, one example being track 7 ‘Second chance’ which is at a much lower level than tracks 6 or 8. Having first listened to the review MP3s I checked Tidal and found no difference. This is inexcusable really, and should have been sorted at the mastering stage. Great music then, poor sound. 8/10. Dave Deeks

Billboard Awards for Lauren Daigle

LAUREN DAIGLE was recently honoured with two Billboard Music Awards. Named Billboard’s Top Christian Artist, Daigle also won Top Christian Album for the second year in a row with How Can It Be. Daigle was also nominated for Top Christian Song (“Trust In You”). In response to her multiple wins, Lauren Daigle exclaimed, “Wow! What an honour! I’m just blown away by the response of people who have connected with this music. In the pursuit of creative passion, it takes a village to accomplish dreams like this. I’m so thankful for all of my team, label, family, and friends who have believed in me from the beginning, and to all those who have invested in my work through purchasing or streaming this record. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A major thank you to Billboard for giving a platform for our music to live, and also thanks to the fans. I am forever grateful. Much love!” Watch Lauren sing “How Can It Be” at https://youtu.be/Xo5QE4GaFUc

The Review Zone – FoldingLights : Exiles @foldinglights

PrintFOLDINGLIGHTS : Exiles. (www.7coremusic.co.uk)

Taking musical influences from fellow Irish bands like The Frames, Snow Patrol and Foy Vance, Mochael Peter Ball writes about faith, love, death and everything inbetween. Drawing inspiration from God, Poets and Scholars alike, he is equally at home performing on the stages of music venues around his native Belfast as he isleading worship in his home church. This 5 track EP offers listeners a peak inside Michael’s musical world with songs that will lift your spirits, as well as posing one or two questions. “Fear the night” is the first single to be lifted from the EP, and it’s a comforting song about the love of Jesus. Michael sings; “The safest place I’ll be, is when I’m close to you.” The verses are well put together, and the chorus chugs along melodically. There are some deep toned piano tones on “Noose,” which tends to give the song quite a dark and marose feel. Lyrically, I wasn’t too sure about the story behind the song and, hence, it became my least favourite here. Michael seems to like his piano sounds, and they provide the backbone to each song. “Nehemiah” takes the Bible story and gives Michael the chance to interprate it in song, while “Let My Head Decide” is an open and honest take on how we respond to what life throws up at us. Vocally, Michael has a clean, crisp voice, and it reminded me, at times, of George Michael. Finally, “Rebuild” is pure worship and a cry to God. “Heal this broken heart, heal this mind, heal this fractured world.” It’s the one song that I can imagine being sung by a congregation with shouts of “Hallelujah.” Comparing the release to his secular counterparts, I think that Michael can be well pleased with his efforts. 7/10.

Building a Kingdom

Integrity Music are pleased to announce the latest release from the wonderful REND COLLECTIVE. Build Your Kingdom Here (A Rend Collective Mixtape) is Out Now! It’s been a long time since fourteen tracks has told such a grand and honest story.

From all the way back in 2010 with their debut release Organic Family Hymnal, to their 2014 hit The Art of Celebration, Rend’s journey has been every bit as interesting and engaging as the great Tony Campolo observed when barely anyone outside their native Bangor, Northern Ireland had heard of them:

“Movements are stimulated and motivated by music, and here’s some music that will motivate Christians to participate in God’s revolution in the world. If you are committed to seeing something of the Kingdom of God made real in our world, this music will go a long way to encourage you.”

The fourteen tracks show just how boldly they have called people to join in the revolution. From Movements to Praise Like Fireworks, Second Chance to My Lighthouse, Rend have made a habit of creating not just a soundtrack for a Christian community, but investing and nurturing that community itself.




A Message from Nathan Jess, Plus New Video!

I’ve been so moved to see the positive reaction to Phoenix and hear many stories about how different songs from the record have blessed and been a comfort to people.

It’s a long journey – right from the birth of these songs and seeing people start to engage with them live, before getting to the point of capturing them along the way to create a record. It can be a little nerve wracking letting the wider public in on what you have been seeking and finding in God and creating in response to His goodness and leading. However, there is no better encouragement to know that God is using them in ways you could never have imagined.

Having had an incredible launch of the record in Belfast, I have been loving taking this record on the road. We just played an amazing show in Rotterdam, Netherlands with Casting Crowns to 11,000 people and I’m really looking forward to being at the summer festivals across the U.K. as well as trips to lead at events throughout Europe throughout the summer months.

The exciting plan is to be on the road in the Autumn with ‘The Phoenix Tour’ which will be coming to the U.K., Europe and North America – so watch this space!

Watch the video of Nathan’s song “Hearts of the Fathers.”