Review Xtra – Lou Fellingham : This Changes Everything @LouFellingham

lou fellingham this changes everythingLOU FELLINGHAM : This Changes Everything. (Integrity)

Two years after the release of her last album, Fascinate, Lou Fellingham returns with This Changes Everything. Recorded live at the Old Market Theatre in her native Brighton, Lou’s sixth solo album captures her in her element: worshipping with a full band, among old friends, using new songs to communicate timeless truths. A lot of the tracks sound very much like similar releases from Jesus Culture. Were as they have Kim Walker Smith, Lou takes control of these song with her own, fine, voice. “Praise the Name of Jesus” is the first song, and is quite quiet in presentation. The other extreme is the pace of which “The Final Say” races along. Lou sings of the promise that God is with you at all times on “Turn My Life Around,” while “Strong to Deliver” sees her duet with a male singer. Then comes the albums ‘purple patch.’ “Everlasting Arms” sounds like one of the great hymns of our past in presentation. It flows majestically with lyrics such as “Lean on the everlasting arms” and “Your mercy flows like a river.” In similar vein, “Lord I Need You” comes across with great power within. Sandwiched between those two tracks is the gentle “Speak”, which is all about listening to God. These three songs are, for me, the pick of the album. Of the others, “Tapestry” starts off okay, but seems to go on forever, losing its way, halfway through. Then, there’s “Sweet Surrender.” It’s repetitive chorus and unimaginative lyrics are laid on a bed of funky rhythms that sound like some 70’s disco tune. It’s not a bad album, but I’d preferred to hear more songs that didn’t sound the same. 7/10.


Review Xtra – Lou Fellingham : This Changes Everything @LouFellingham

lou_fellingham_-_this_changes_everythingLOU FELLINGHAM : This Changes Everything. (Integrity).

Here’s the first single to come from Lou Fellingham’s eagerly awaited live album of the same name. After quietly spoken phrases of “Jesus is alive” and becoming “alive in Jesus,” she launches into a number that sounds as if it’s come straight from Jesus Culture. From my first listen, all I could compare it to was Kim Walker Smith. The song builds well throughout and Lou’s vocals are crisp and clean. Instrumentally, the backing, is fine and the resulting recording obviously goes down well with those gathered. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the album sounds like. 7/10.

Lou Fellingham Changes Everything

Two years after the release of her last album, Fascinate, LOU FELLINGHAM returns with This Changes Everything. Recorded live at the Old Market Theatre in her native Brighton, Lou’s sixth solo album captures her in her element: worshipping with a full band, among old friends, using new songs to communicate timeless truths.

The twelve new tracks have each been written in collaboration with other writers, from Jake Isaac, Chris Eaton and Michael Farron, to Noel Robinson, Tom Read, Mark Tedder and Emma Pears as well as her husband Nathan Fellingham.

Collaboration has brought new experiences for Lou which she has loved. Each writer brings something different to the table and it’s been such a privilege having them inputting into the songs, with each person bringing their own unique gifting. “One of the writers was my sister Emma.  She’s a great songwriter, but we’d never actually written together before. It was huge fun – I’ve never laughed as much in a songwriting session! We also came out with three really exciting songs”

“The heart behind our songs and recording is that God will be glorified, the unbeliever being given an opportunity to hear the gospel and the church alive in the knowledge of who God is and who they are in God. I’m believing that as these songs are used as a tool to worship Father, Son and Spirit, we will see the Kingdom of God poured out on His people. God is in the business of bringing freedom to every area of our lives. We’re asking that He will bring salvation and healing, freedom and deliverance as people lift their hearts and their eyes towards Him. He is the one who saves. He is the one who heals. He is the one who binds up the broken hearted and gives strength.  Everything is from Him and for Him.  We are looking to God to come and breathe on these songs and awaken men and women to Him.”

End of the Road for Phatfish.

PhatfishPHATFISH,, fronted by Lou Fellingham, have announced that after 20 years they will be taking to the stage for the last time on 14th March. The final Phatfish concert will be at the Wessex Christian Centre in Bournemouth. Read a band statement, “This certainly isn’t the end of the road for the band members, with new songs being written, albums being produced and churches equipped, but this will be the final concert under the Phatfish name. A final Phatfish album will be recorded live on the night. We are so grateful to all those who have supported and encouraged us over the last two decades, and to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us abundantly.”

UK Gig and Event Guide November 2012


1   WORTHING, Pavillion Theatre.   Charlie Landsborough.   01903 206206

1   BALLYMONEY, Town Hall.   Juliet Turner.

2   WARRINGTON, Bold Street Methodist Church.   Connected Worship Conference..

2   SHREWSBURY, Theatre Severn.   Charlie Landsborough.   01743 281281

3   IPSWICH,  Corn Exchange.   Charlie Landsborough.   01473 433100

3-4   LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL.   John Bell (Iona Community).

4   LIVERPOOL, Philharmonic.   Charlie Landsborough.   0151 709 3789

5-9   BATTLE, Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre.   Retreat led by Marilyn Baker.

7   CULLEN.   John Froud.   01274 580817

8   SHREWSBURY, Baptist Church.   Imagine Training Workshop.   02073 999 555

9   CAMBRIDGE. Lou Fellingham.   07952 625 518

11   GATESHEAD, The Sage.   Gareth Davies-Jones, Calum Stewart.

12   GUERNSEY, Eldad Elim Church.   Imagine Training Workshop.   01481 257431

13   DESFORD, Free Church. Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.

15   CHELTENHAM.   Lou Fellingham.   07934 508 182.

16   EASTBOURNE, Devonshire Park.   Mission Worship.

17-18   GREAT YARMOUTH, Christchurch Methodist.   Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.

18   HALIFAX, Christ Church, Mount Pellon.   Noel Richards.

21   BOURNEMOUTH.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

22   SWANSEA.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

23   DUNSTABLE.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

23   WAREHAM.   John Froud.   01274 580817

23   DERRY, Culturlan Ui Chanain.   Juliet Turner.

23   KETTERING.   Lou Fellingham.   07734 086 957.

24   BATH.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

24   CHRISTCHURCH.   John Froud.   01274 580817

24   CHESSINGTON.   Lou Fellingham.   020 8391 5522.

24   SCARBOROUGH, Ebeneezer Baptist Church.   Ian White.   01723 367393.

24-25   THETFORD.   Marilyn Baker.

27   YORK, Black Swan.   Union Jill.

28   BRACKNELL.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

29   ONGAR, Mulberry House.   Marilyn Baker.

29   PETERBOROUGH.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

30   SOUTHAMPTON.   Lou Fellingham.   02380 860 320.

30   NOTTINGHAM.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.


1   CROWHURST, Christian Healing Centre.   Marilyn Baker – Creative Writing Day.   01732 850855.

1   LONDON.   Matt Redman, The Rend Collective.

8-9   LEEDS, Garforth.   Power of the Holy Spirit Conference.   0113 2285917.

14   ASHINGDON   John Froud.   01274 580817

15   LEIGH-ON-SEA.   John Froud.   01274 580817

30   BELFAST, The Black Box.   Juliet Turner.


 26   OMAGH, Strule Arts Centre.   Juliet Turner.


13   FOLKESTONE, Cheriton Baptist Church.   Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.

21   TOTTENHAM.   Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.


4-8   POOLE, Green Pastures.   Retreat – Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.

18-22   LYNDEY, Lindors Country House Hotel.   Retreat led by Marilyn Baker.   01732 850855.