Elle Limebear Releases “Holding Me Still” Single

ELLE LIMEBEAR has lived her life between two worlds.  As the daughter of Martin Smith of the band Delirious?, Elle has experienced first-hand the thrill of stadiums filled with people worshiping together while on tour around the world.  But as a worship leader and youth pastor in Brighton, UK, she is immersed in a close-knit, daily ministry within her community.  She says, “Singing and leading worship with my dad is my favourite thing. I’ve watched and learned from him since I was a little girl – my whole life he has let me fly.”

Elle’s first single, “Holding Me Still”, is about how God is the God of the infinite, yet he is also God of the intimate. It’s a profound mystery that the God who created the heavens, earth, and the whole universe also breathed life into our very being. He knows every hair on our head and holds our heart in his hands. We can look back on our lives and see a thread of God always being with us. He’s always been there, and he is always our source of peace and calm.

Listen to “Holding Me Still” here:





We’re Alive – Song #45 from Homegrown Worship

If you’ve come to expect church music to adopt the same old bag of tricks, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this week’s Homegrown Worship release…

Without a Strymon Big Sky reverb pedal in sight, We’re Alive is contemporary pop at it’s best – interesting, intriguing and full of catchy motifs, riffs and hooks. Utilising a variety of sounds – including congas, synth-horns and baritone backing vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in 80’s pop – the production and instrumentation is full of hidden nuggets of complexity whilst retaining all the fun.

We’re Alive finds space where many other songs today fail. Lyrically, it’s like eating a sermon that doesn’t give you bellyache from a theological three-course dinner, but it is richer and infinitely more satisfying than many of cliche-filled worship happy meals that are consumed regularly across the world today.

We are looking to partner with churches, worship leaders and songwriters from across the world to deliver fresh new music to inboxes from Australia to Zimbabwe. Who could you recommend we chat with to further the vision of Homegrown Worship in churches across the globe?  Please connect us with anyone you know

Homegrown Worship – song #45
Written by Andy Baker

© 2018 Andy Baker/Resound Media
CCLI number: 7126002 // ISRC Code: UK2CD1900014

Produced by Andy Baker & Tom Auton
Mixed by Tom Auton
Mastered by Aron Bicskey

Drums – Aron Bicskey
Guitars, bass & programming – Tom Auton
Key & Vocals – Andy Baker

Declaration Song from Liz Owoade

LIZ OWOADE is a worship leader, songwriter, and mentor. Based in Leicester UK. After over a decade serving as a worship leader, Liz is ready to share her testimony and message of God’s love through her music.

“Pressing On” is the title song from her upcoming DEBUT EP “Pressing On Project” (P.O.P)!

After recording the creative session of some songs from the project in August 2017, the project has built up to the production of the debut EP to be released early 2019.

Liz says: “This project is all about understanding our relationship with God and using this understanding to fully claim that which He has promised us. The message of the album is based on the scripture verse Phil 3:13-14, in which Paul speaks of forgetting those things behind us in our past and reaching forth to the great future we have in Christ.”

According to Liz, “Pressing On is a declaration song, which proclaims that I will not be held back by the things of my past, because I now have that peace, love and grace to move forward to greater things…in Jesus name!”

Kat Mills is Not Made Wrong!

Surrey based singer/songwriter, KAT MILLS, has released her new single “Not Made Wrong.” This preceeds her new album “Work in Progress” which will be launched at the end of March.The song tells how, for years, she felt misunderstood. But now, she’s relieved to learn that she is autistic. Kat grew up with a classical music background – her father a conductor and her mum an oboist.  Kat is a classically trained singer and has developed her repertoire to include musical theatre and jazz. In addition, Kat plays piano and cello – she writes predominantly on the piano. Her previous albums “Out of the Ashes” and “Voice of Truth” were well received by NFN, gaining 8/10 and 9/10 scores respectively.   www.katmills.co.uk

Worship Single from Belgium’s Esmee Kester

ESMEE KESTER is a Belgium based international gospel minister and Philanthropist. No Other Name is her official debut. The single  No Other Name extols the name of Jesus as supreme and dependable.  Esmee is very passionate about using worshipping God and using her time to care for the needy.

Esmee runs  a care ministry that provides bread and food to the needy and homeless in Belgium and takes care of orphans in Africa. She says: “I am trusting God that as you listen to my new single whatever stands as an obstacle in your life as you call on His name miracles will happen in Jesus name.”

The Cashmans to Release City of God Album

Evangelistic husband and wife singer/songwriter duo, THE CASHMANS are prepping for the long awaited national release of their CD, City of God, which is slated to impact retail March 1, 2019, from CLG Distribution. The project was produced by Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning Producer of the Year Ian Eskelin and Grammy and Dove nominated producer/mixer Barry Weeks.

City of God runs the stylistic gamut from CCM pop and Americana to heartfelt worship. The Cashmans imbue each song on the album with an intimate spiritual vitality that comes from spending time in the Word. But more than that, the project as a whole lays a firm foundation of worship and discipleship.

For the Cashmans, who met in 2003 while Jonathan was producing a worship song for Britney, and who dated while ministering, discipleship is far from being just a tagline or byword–it has become a long-term commitment and a way of life.

“Britney and I are both products of personal discipleship, which is why we have such a heart for it,” says Jonathan. “Our hope for City of God is that people will be introduced or reminded of the power of the gospel and will be encouraged to get engaged, and to take the Great Commission seriously,” Jonathan says of the project. “The two pillars of our ministry are discipleship and worship. Britney’s heart beats worship, and my strength lies in the discipleship arena, speaking and encouraging the church to get involved in the Great Commission. Worship allows people to experience the presence of God, but then there needs to be a purpose and plan to do something about it. That’s where discipleship comes in.”

Branan Murphy Releases Attention Grabbing Single

After three successful, top 10 radio singles, Provident Label Group artist, BRANAN MURPHY delivers a new, attention-grabbing single called, “Coming Home”!

“Coming Home” expresses a timeless sentiment of how we quickly things can get out of hand when we are away from God. “I made a mess, now I’m coming home. I shoulda never left, now I’m coming home.” With “Coming Home”, Branan uses his ‘conscious pop’ chops to deliver this message with a perfect mix of meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies, and shimmering production.