NFN Review Zone – terce. : My Heart to You.   (

“terce.” are a mother/daughter duo (Risa & Lilly) based out of the Nashville, TN, area.  Their primary focus in our music is to create a song that conveys the message of the Gospel, and to show people who God is.  The sound is a mash-up of roots music stylings and art-pop, piano-driven riffs in songs about God and, even better, to God.  They go on to say; “We desire healing, deliverance, and revival to come from our music.  We long to see a harvest of souls. We want people’s hearts kindled to burn for Jesus.” This song was written by the daughter, Lily. She says; “My Heart to You   was the first song I wrote after a long time of writing nothing.  I wrote it as a simple, heartfelt expression to God without worrying too much if my gift to Him wasn’t grand or impressive.  I was inspired by Keith Green, as well as certain slight Gospel elements.  I think it is really cool to hear the song fully produced now, with fiddle, cello, as well as all of the rest of the instruments.” Indeed, those stringed instruments fit really well in the overall production. A soothing piano provides most of the initial sound, which is the seamless backdrop for some prayerful vocals from Lilly. As the chorus begins, the marriage of the two voices are synchronised perfectly, giving a sweet and pleasant sound. “My heart to you, is to give you devotion; My heart to you, is to thank you for your mercy to me; My heart to you, is the humblest offering; The most valuable thing that I have to give.” This is my first taste of the music from terce and, I’ve got to say, that I am very impressed. Lovely lyrics, engaging vocals, and uncluttered musical backing, make for a super song of worship and thanks to God.   9/10.

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