NFN Review Zone – VINI CONTREAS : Revelations. (BeautifulGate)

Some 14 years ago, I remember reviewing Vini’s ‘Kingdom of Conscience’ album, and liking his sound to that of Bob Dylan. Since then, he’s continued to record, showing that he’s more than a one trick pony, when it comes to songwriting. This latest album begins with some lovely acoustic guitar picking, as Vini performs ‘The Umbrella/Scenario,’ a song about finding Christ and welcoming Him into your life. The next song has children’s vocals taking the lead. Vini joins them for the chorus on the super, singalong, ‘If We Could All Believe in Jesus.’ This one got an instant replay, as I reviewed. Vini has often included some neat harmonica playing on his albums, over the years, and the instrument makes a welcome appearance on the foot tappin’ ‘I Am a Child of God.’ Completely, different in style, is ‘David’s Last Words,’ which reminded a little of the musician, Michael Card.  Indeed, the following ‘The Adam & Eve Song’ follows that thought, with Vini weaving the words of the well-known Bible story, into a modern, folk, backing. The song works really well, even when distorted guitar sounds make a brief appearance, over the acoustic and string sounds. Vocally, Vini is quite at home with whatever style he produces. The mellow ‘A Separate Reality’ benefits (I believe) from the doubling up of his voice. The result is quite beautiful. ‘Jesus King of Kings’ was originally released a couple of years ago as a single. I liked it then, and it still gives me a tingle, as the words praise & worship Jesus. Closing the track listing is the album’s title track. It made me smile, as this song took me back to that time I first heard this artist. This is Vini’s Dylanesque number, that looks forward to the triumphant return of the Son of Man. I love it! Albums like this make reviewing such a pleasure. Original songs, with heart and soul poured into them by the writer. Welcome back Vini, it’s been a while.   9/10.

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