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The rocking singer, songwriter and guitarist, Caspar McCloud is back with his band, and a brand new album. The beat of “How Close We Are” is a great album opener, and I had to play it again and again. The winning formula continues with “Jesus Wins.” Guitar led, the song tells of that simple message; “Bringing joy, for all the world to see; Jesus saves all who believe; Washing away all your sins; Let us worship Him.” The sound changes for both the title track and “Comfort.” On the latter, it’s the layered vocals that carry the tune to just a humble guitar and a mid-song violin break. It reminded me of Buffalo Springfield from the late 60’s. Of course, a Caspar McCloud album wouldn’t be the same without some great, guitar solos. And, on “Freedom,” he doesn’t disappoint. Oh, how I wish I’d learnt those skills! As the song closes, there’s another smashing violin/fiddle instrumental from  Renae Truex to enjoy, too. If that’s not enough for rock guitar fans, there’s even an instrumental called “Escape,” were Caspar allows himself free-rein in a Steve Vai sort of way. “Hold That Line” fairly motors along, while “No Longer Conspiracy” slows things right down, bringing peace and joy, through the Holy Ghost. Of the gentler tracks, the 7 minute “When the Dream is Over” is quite soothing in sound. Caspar puts his rock guitar to one-side, as it’s replaced by some exquisite acoustic picking. Indeed, the closing tracks are more worshipful, as the band goes deeper into the Spirit of Christ. If you think that this is just another rock based album, please be sure that there’s more to this release than that. The music is the vehicle for Caspar’s lyrics of Bible truths. There are songs of love, warnings against sin, Jesus Our Saviour, and much, much more. Enjoy the music and listen to the words of each one. This releaase will give you plenty to consider, whether you are already a Christian or not.   9/10.

4 thoughts on “NFN Review Zone – CASPAR McCLOUD : Back to Back. (

  1. It’s easy to like the songs the first time you hear them. I love this album! Caspar McCloud has done it again 🙂

  2. Thank you for your message Renee. The review team here in the UK have certainly enjoyed his music over the last few years. Great songs and a joy to be heard. Bless you.

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