NFN Review Zone – JEMIMAH PAINE : Anthems. (

Jemimah is a classically-trained singer/songwriter, voice teacher, vocalist and worship leader in London. Her music covers a wide range of genres including neo-soul, jazz, contemporary and pop. It seeks to inspire courageous joy and freedom through deep-reaching lyrics that are sure to have you singing along. This 4 track EP was released in 2020. An atmospheric sound accompanies Jemimah on the title track, and it’s instantly apparent that she possesses a fine vocal quality. Mid-song, the music and vocals build, as the worshipful lyrics really take hold. “Let our souls rise in anthems; Anthems to our Lord. Let our songs be, be worship to the One.” The second song bounds along, with some great “chugging” guitars. It’s a joyful sound that focusses on security, humility, kindness and love, found in Jesus. Style-wise, Jemimah swings over to a latin-jazz style for “In the Garden.” It’s a really smooth sound and features some well-played brass instruments. These songs certainly show the deftness of the singer’s vocals. On the closing “Grace,” Jemimah’s voice ranges from the gentle verses, to a soaring chorus. A simple piano introduction is soon joined by various, orchestral, strings and the production is simply breath-taking. It reminded me of Stow Town Records artist, Tiffany Coburn, who sang for   Walt Disney World’s Voices of Liberty (for 20 years) and acappella supergroup Voctave. Overall, the EP is an enjoyable first taste of this talented young lady. We wait with baited breath, for what comes next.   9/10.

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