NFN Review Zone – CASPAR McCLOUD : Black Swan. (

The title track of this album immediately reminded me of Steely Dan. It is a good track to start, and within seconds I knew I would like this recording. With a nice violin and catchy chorus, it glides through the song. The songs that follow have elements of country rock, including a balanced violin solo which seamlessly changes to electric guitar. There are good harmonies and clear vocals. “In the End Times” starts as a pure rock. There is some interesting violin work over the block harmonies, a good guitar solo, and non-cliché lyrics. I loved this track! Reading the press release, Casper has a great pedigree – an ordained minister, played and preached at Woodstock’s 50th-anniversary concert, and has played regularly with Tommy James and the Shondell, Caspar also finds time as a portrait artist and bestselling author. “A Night in the Holy Land” took me by surprise, as it’s an instrumental. There are nearly 5 mins of great guitar solos which left me wanting more. Again, the sound of the guitar and violin really complement each other. Another great track. “Christ is Our Reward” and “Your Living Word”  are more akin to worship, which would work well within services. Overall one of the best recordings I have heard for a while. It is nice to listen to new music that is more than just a worship album. I like listening to bands where guitar/violin solo is just as important as the lyrics. The music, then, makes you hear and take in those words – which in this case are full of biblical truths. Highly Recommended. 9/10.   Noel Donaldson.

10 thoughts on “NFN Review Zone – CASPAR McCLOUD : Black Swan. (

    • Thank you for your comment Craig. I’ve come to know Caspar’s music myself over the last few years. Great tunes and full of thoughtful lyrics.

  1. Caspar’s music is such a relief from today’s canned music. And he keeps a powerful tie to all things Biblically prophetic! What more could you ask for?

  2. Caspar McCloud is a true renaissance man and the music that he, and his band, have put out in this album is unique, stellar, and the message is fit for the times we live in! I love Caspar’s lyrics and perfect riffs… one of my go to albums!

  3. Nice article! I love your your thoughts and impressions of Caspar’s fantastic original music! I even like the order of the songs on this album – a strong start with prophetic warning pieces: Black Swan, Thief in the Night, King Jesus, and In the End Times. Next Caspar transitions to his declaration of: I’m a Royalist. Then comes the centerpiece – the ultra-dramatic stunner: A Night in the Holy land. Unique from all the rest – the perfect place to put it- right in the middle! Without seeing this amazing instrumental coming, the listener is taken by surprise and transported to the most exciting place on earth. Next the mood changes with worshipful pieces that encourage and exhort: Stay in Faith, Be a Light, Your Living Word, Agape Love, Another New Year, and Christ is our Reward. Finally, the wrap-up happy ending celebration of Your Birthday. It’s hard to believe this masterpiece album was produced not even a full year after Caspar’s last great album: Game Changer.

    • Thak you Renee for taking the time to write. I, myself, reviewed Game Changer last year. For Black Swan, I gave it to one of my review team and, as you can tell, he loved it!

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