Matt Marvane Sess the Light

Integrity Music Europe is pleased to announce the release of a new single from French worship songwriter  MATT MARVANE. ‘Light Of All The Earth’, his first U.K. single, is a result of work by Matt and his wife Sarah to encourage unity in the church throughout Europe by bringing all believers in Jesus Christ together to worship and pray. At a time when tragedy, suffering and division never appear to be far from the news – especially in Matt’s homeland – ‘Light Of All The Earth’ is a relevant, timely release.

“I think it’s a season where the Church needs to stand firm and make no compromise,” says Matt. “The world is shaking in many different ways, and Churches have been more focused on how to look and sound good instead of how to increase the passion for Christ Himself. But the Church needs to believe and live dependent on the solid grace of God to shine more and more.”

Despite unity appearing to be in short supply these days, Matt is confident that the Church can overcome division and find its true purpose again. “I believe it can happen because Jesus asked us to do it. Jesus never asked anything that cannot be done. The biggest challenge is to believe that we can see it!”

In September, Matt is releasing ‘Resistance – The English E.P.’ which will feature co-writes with Paul Baloche, Graham Kendrick and Dove award winning songwriter Michael Neale (“Your Great Name”).


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