The Review Zone – The Millers : Take a Moment and Live @MillerzMusic

The MillersTHE MILLERS : Take a Moment and Live. (

The rich heritage and unique sound of Gospel Music can often be traced back to the smooth harmonies possessed by musical families who have continually passed down this tradition from generation to generation. Such is the case with Randy Miller, Becky Miller, Renee Settles and Randy Simpson. Each of them learned family harmony very early in life, singing in churches and traveling with their respective families. The Millers are a southern gospel group based in Winchester, VA. The Millers travel throughout the United States and Canada, performing at various concert venues and churches, and have shared the stage with some of the nation’s most well-known gospel artists. It’s a honky tonk piano that takes centre stage for backing this new single. From the moment it begins, the sound carries the vocals and sweet harmonies, telling the story of the greatest gift of all. If I’m honest, the overall sound does come across as a little dated but there’s no denying that the Millers’ music is loved by many. Visit the website to listen to “Take a Moment to Live”, along with a couple of other tracks, and see for yourself. 6/10.


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