The Review Zone – John Nuttal feat Ruth Hill : You Are God and You Are Good

John Nuttall You Are God and You Are GoodJOHN NUTTALL, featuring Ruth Hill : You Are God and You Are Good. (

Can it really be 16 years since I first heard the songs of John Nuttall? During that time, he’s released numerous albums that have sold in their thousands, to both Christians and non-Christians alike, all over the world. This new 9 track offering features John, whilst introducing listeners to both Ruth Hill and Hannah Davenport. The title track begins with a gentle piano sound, and John’s vocals prayerfully worshipping God. On “Wonderful Saviour” the song has a steady rhythm, with lyrics such as “I will worship your name and I will lift your name on high – Jesus, a beautiful name.” For “He’s the One” it’s the turn of Ruth Hill to take over the vocals. Her voice improves as the song progresses, with the focus of Jesus’ love, performed to a light, pop tune. Highlight of the album, for me, has to be “No-One Like You Father.” Lovely guitar work provides the perfect vehicle for John’s voice, and I found the song very moving. I guess that, in a way, John’s vocal delivery is akin to that of Michael Card. He has a warm and engaging tone that you immediately respond to. Ruth returns on “My first Love” – a simple telling of Jesus pouring the oil of His love on your feet. There’s a distinctive violin sound on “No Cries of Grief”, which lends to producing a rather sad sound, overall. However, the closing “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart” sees John’s take on the Sermon on the Mount. It’s put together well, and is a fitting end to a lovely selection of songs. 9/10.


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