Moggerhanger Park Hosts 3 Day Music Festival

KingsStock Music Festival returns for its 8th year, and is once again taking place at the historic Moggerhanger Park in Bedfordshire.


The festival is a true grassroots event, which originally sprang up in a garden, then grew following a move to a farm, and is now flourishing in the parkland of a stately home. This “organic” approach to building a great festival has proven to be a good route, and the fest still maintains a welcoming personal feel. In recent years KingsStock has partnered with several charities including Compassion UK.


The event is run by a Christian management team, and all the acts are Christians too, but don’t expect teaching and talks from the stages, this event is all about the music! The bands are mainly ‘Bands of Christians’ as opposed to ‘Christian Bands’ – the difference is subtle, but opens up the fest to many more music genres than the distinctive “worship music” style many people are familiar with. The fest has Rock, Grime, Folk, Blues, Pop, Indie, Soul, Gospel, Punk, and more.

All bands are invited to give an explanation for the motivation they have for their music; this natural experiential approach can really speak directly to people’s hearts. KingsStock’s stance is very much pre-Alpha Course, and it is a great place for Christians, and non Christians alike, in fact it seeks to be a safe inclusive place for anyone who wants to attend.

The festival champions UK based bands and artists, and manages to have an international flavour to its line up regardless of this apparent limitation.

The Festival Director, James Stevens, says: “When you ask people what their favourite UK Christian bands is, excluding worship bands, they don’t have an answer, which is a shame as there are so many excellent acts out there. We want to gather as many of those acts together as we can, and showcase them.”

The event runs for 3 days, and has 3 stages, each in their own walled garden. There will be 30 acts, and they are timed so that it is possible to see every band back to back.

The line up includes: Verra Cruz, Speak Brother, Daughters Of Davis, Tom McConnell, Bean Baker, Chloe Reynolds, Dire Pitan, Dave Griffiths, and many more.


The event is 11th-13th August at Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire, MK44 3RW.


To find out more visit the website:





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