The Review Zone – New Irish Choir & Orchestra : 10,000 Reasons to Sing

NEW IRISH CHOIR ORCHESTRA 10,000 Reasons to SingNEW IRISH CHOIR & ORCHESTRA : 10,000 Reasons to Sing. (Elevation : ELE2102D)

The New Irish Choir & Orchestra are a vibrant group of Christian musicians who aim to present Christianity through the arts. Led by Jonathan Rea, they are now in their 20th year, regularly selling out concert halls in Ireland. This Cd contains 14 tracks of well know contemporary songs and given the full choir and orchestra treatment. Guest vocalists include Stuart Townend, Aaron Keyes, and Vicki Schmidt, who gives a gentle, yet moving rendition of “No Longer Slaves.” The choir sound excellent throughout, although I did notice that male solo’s were few and far between. “This is Amazing Grace” sounds as fresh as the first day it was heard, as does “Cornerstone.” The latter has some really nice orchestral strings, and I enjoyed that immensely. On the other hand, I found “Your Name” to be rather melancholy, despite Paul Baloche’s inclusion on lead vocals. Other songs of note include “In Christ Alone,” “10,000 Reasons,” and “At The Cross.” All three songs are excellent in production. The mission of the group is to encourage people to worship God, whether they are lifelong Christian believers or unaware of the love of God. This album certainly carries that banner high. 9/10.


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