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Taking musical influences from fellow Irish bands like The Frames, Snow Patrol and Foy Vance, Mochael Peter Ball writes about faith, love, death and everything inbetween. Drawing inspiration from God, Poets and Scholars alike, he is equally at home performing on the stages of music venues around his native Belfast as he isleading worship in his home church. This 5 track EP offers listeners a peak inside Michael’s musical world with songs that will lift your spirits, as well as posing one or two questions. “Fear the night” is the first single to be lifted from the EP, and it’s a comforting song about the love of Jesus. Michael sings; “The safest place I’ll be, is when I’m close to you.” The verses are well put together, and the chorus chugs along melodically. There are some deep toned piano tones on “Noose,” which tends to give the song quite a dark and marose feel. Lyrically, I wasn’t too sure about the story behind the song and, hence, it became my least favourite here. Michael seems to like his piano sounds, and they provide the backbone to each song. “Nehemiah” takes the Bible story and gives Michael the chance to interprate it in song, while “Let My Head Decide” is an open and honest take on how we respond to what life throws up at us. Vocally, Michael has a clean, crisp voice, and it reminded me, at times, of George Michael. Finally, “Rebuild” is pure worship and a cry to God. “Heal this broken heart, heal this mind, heal this fractured world.” It’s the one song that I can imagine being sung by a congregation with shouts of “Hallelujah.” Comparing the release to his secular counterparts, I think that Michael can be well pleased with his efforts. 7/10.


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