A Message from Nathan Jess, Plus New Video!

I’ve been so moved to see the positive reaction to Phoenix and hear many stories about how different songs from the record have blessed and been a comfort to people.

It’s a long journey – right from the birth of these songs and seeing people start to engage with them live, before getting to the point of capturing them along the way to create a record. It can be a little nerve wracking letting the wider public in on what you have been seeking and finding in God and creating in response to His goodness and leading. However, there is no better encouragement to know that God is using them in ways you could never have imagined.

Having had an incredible launch of the record in Belfast, I have been loving taking this record on the road. We just played an amazing show in Rotterdam, Netherlands with Casting Crowns to 11,000 people and I’m really looking forward to being at the summer festivals across the U.K. as well as trips to lead at events throughout Europe throughout the summer months.

The exciting plan is to be on the road in the Autumn with ‘The Phoenix Tour’ which will be coming to the U.K., Europe and North America – so watch this space!

Watch the video of Nathan’s song “Hearts of the Fathers.”


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