Introducing Nine Beats Collective

NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE is a collaboration of world class musicians, artists and songwriters from across 3 continents (Europe, North America and Africa) who are on the trail of exploring the ‘Beatitudes’ from the bible. The album is produced by MOBO award winning producer Tony Bean.

The end result of this initial exploration is the release of the album ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ on June 16th (CD & digital formats) on Plankton Records. There is also going to be a deluxe double 180gsm heavyweight gatefold sleeve vinyl edition at the end of July.

The variety of the artists that make up the collective and the variety of musical styles and genres included led to the decision to release 4 singles (one a week) leading up to the album’s release.

Friday 19th May saw the release of the title track of the album ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ by NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE ft MIKAEL R ANDREASEN. Mikael is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is an artist who usually works under the moniker Kloster (the Danish word for monastery).Here’s the link to the official ‘Nine Beat to the Bar’ video:

Friday 26th May = ‘What Can Love Create?’ by NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE ft. HEATHERLYN an American singer/song-artist with soul, roots and rock vibes infused through her songs.

Friday 2nd June = ‘Kosi’ by NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE ft. AMBASSADA who is one of the most prominent artists on the African music scene since his multi-award winning first album in 2004. Ambassador brings his Africa vibes and voice to the collective. He is an advocate of children’s rights and a UN Ambassador for children.

Friday 9th June = ‘#blessed’ by NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE ft REV VINCE ANDERSON who is based in New York City. A phenomenal live performer, Rev Vince has played a weekly live show in Brooklyn for over 20 years with his band ‘The Love Choir’. He has also toured internationally and released four albums. He describes his musical style as “Dirty Gospel.

These four singles will give a taster of the very wide range of artists and music featured on the album released on 16th June. For more background info, more videos etc then please visit the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE website:





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