Review Xtra – Helen Yousaf : Custodians of Fire @elim_sound

Helen Yousaf Custodians of FireHELEN YOUSAF : Custodians of Fire. (Elim Sound)
It’s been seven years since Helen’s last studio album. Her brand new album ‘Custodians Of Fire’ is a compilation of some of the prophetic songs Helen has been singing out over the past two years. Ian Yates and the Elim Sound team partnered with Helen to gel these fragments of prophetic ministry into songs that would encourage the body of Christ and speak a word in season to the atmospheres we find ourselves living in for His glory! I found the album quite difficult to review because, on the whole, these aren’t songs that you can singalong to. Kristene Mueller came to mind, when comparing Helen’s vocals sound but, maybe, the album is in similar style to Angie Lendon’s “Be Still.” The opening “High Horse” tells how we should choose to love the way that Jesus loves, even if that means loving our enemies. With little more than piano backing, Helen weaves her lyrics to powerfully get the message across. The title track explains that we are all “Custodians of [God’s] Fire” and that we are living to carry on His glory in this world. “I Come Alive” moves into mid-tempo territory, while the epic “I Pitch My Tent” sees the singer almost crying in worship. At the end of the album, both “Generous Father” and “Hope Remains” turn out to be “normal” songs. The former has a catchy tune, while the latter is quite sweet in delivery. Helen’s powerful voice speaks to those in pain, or feeling a lack of purpose. These songs of honesty, hope and heartfelt passion will draw the listener in, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring in their personal journey knowing they are carrying God’s glory into every area of their lives. 7/10.


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