Review Xtra – Mighty Mykell : Fly Away/I’m Gonna Make It @MightyMykell

Mykell Wilson Sometimes I SingMIGHTY MYKELL : Fly Away/I’m Gonna Make It. (

Mighty Mykell, aka Mykell Wilson is an entertainer, author and motivational speaker from Southern California. The two tracks “Fly Away” and “I’m Gonna Make It” are from his upcoming debut six track EP, “Sometimes I Sing”. There’s just a third of the full EP here but on the evidence what is presented here, it should be a strong debut. Funk, pop, R’n’B and soul are the clear influences here with a vocal sound lying somewhere between Prince and Michael Jackson. It’s an uplifting blend, lilting and melodic which is a fine foil for the brash synth stabs on “I’m Gonna Make It”. The acoustic guitar running through it is great too, and there is a real balance to the track. “Fly Away” is a little more floaty, with some interesting off beat synth rhythms that remind me very much of Mutemath. I do find myself wanting more, and it’s a shame I only got sent two tracks. On the strength of those though, Mykell may well be right – he is gonna make it. 9/10 Robin Thompson.


2 thoughts on “Review Xtra – Mighty Mykell : Fly Away/I’m Gonna Make It @MightyMykell

  1. What a great review! I love Mighty Mykell, & I’m definitely following & supporting his career!
    I also have his book ” The Mighty Little Book” if you don’t have it yet, you should check it out!

    • Thank you for your comment about Mighty Mykell, Shirley. We’re hoping to get more of his music to review in the future.

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