Review Xtra – Doug Horley : Oomph

Doug Horley oomphDOUG HORLEY : Oomph! (Elevation : ELE2174D)
Doug Horley is back with a brand new collection of fun and funky praise and worship songs for kids. I’m not sure where the album has been hiding, but its October release features a smashing Christmas song called “All the Angels Sing.” As usual, there’s lots of musical styles on show, but there does seem a leaning towards RnB in the main. Both “Are You Ready?” and the title track fall into this category, with the latter sounding like a Mary Mary song. I was pleased to see that Doug hasn’t lost his sense of humour, and both “Dollop” and “Who Da Da Da Diddly Day” are typical of this. The thing I like about his kids songs is that they’re not complicated to understand. “You Write My Name Upon Your Hand” is one such song, were it’s so easy for kids to hear that God loves each one of them. There’s an African feel to “Never Gonna Give Up”, while I thought the banjo playing on “Tidal Wave” worked really well. On the downside, I wasn’t keen on the noisy “You Might See Miracles.” The female vocalist sounds like she should be leading a black gospel choir, and her voice doesn’t really suit the song. I often think that Doug must have been a punk rock fan, he never fails to include fast and furious paced guitar led songs like “God is There in Ev’ryday Stuff.” It’s a classic and, along with most of the album, makes this child of God smile. 8/10.


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