Out of the Ashes Tour News

OUT OF THE ASHES are a pioneering Gospel Group from Gloucestershire, who are now booking dates for a tour of Scotland in October 2017.  They are also available for concerts in the north-east of England on Friday October 20th or Monday/Tuesday 30th/31st

The group have performed at New Wine and Spring Harvest and their music has been played on BBC Radio 2, Premier Christian Radio and more. Their music is driven by a desire to foster inclusivity and confidence in church communities, particularly championing the value of those no longer in the youth group!

Here’s what people have been saying about Out of the Ashes’ events:

“Amazing evening! Loved it! My first time hearing you perform – why have I waited so long?”

(Dan Button, Gloucester Cathedral)

“An all inspiring team, you have a purpose for us all. Wonderful music, commendable to all churches…”

(Ivy, Archway Methodist Church London)

“I’ve got one word to say… WOW!”

(Tim, Ablaze UK 2016)

Listen to the group’s music on the links below:

Tipped off the Table – Out of the Ashes

So Silently – Out of the Ashes

Interested in finding out more? Please get in touch with Joel Toombs on // joel@soundconsultancy.co.uk

t // 0114 327 9464


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