The Review Zone – Pleading Guilty : Defacto

pleading guilty defactoPLEADING GUILTY : Defacto. (Thumperpunk Records)

This band have a bit of a crossover sound – the vocals are punk, the drums and bass punk/thrash metal and the guitar is more metal, with some very nice melodic riffs in the style of Helloween or Theocracy (e.g. “Search And Rescue”) There are some very well executed pauses and rhythm shifts, too (such as the end of “Breaking Out”). These are clearly no “three chords as fast as I can” merchants. They describe themselves as “melodic skate punk” which I’d concur with. It’s a relentless slice of boundless energy: even the pauses before the next solo/chorus/slab of musicality have something still running, be it bass drum or guitar in some form. After 7 of the 11 tracks I was worn out, which is my only criticism (and a minor one) in that something a little gentler, even if only an intro, would have been nice. Lyrically they’re well within their genre and consist more of quick sound bites than long essays, e.g. “Breaking out – you are forgiven”. They’re catchy sound bites too, which must make their gigs great crowd-pleasers. Best track: “Away From Here.” 7/10. Paul Ganney.


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