Review Xtra – The Collingsworth Family : The Best of…. Volume 2 @C_Fam1

THE COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY The Best of Vol 2THE COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY : The Best of…..Volume 2. (Stow Town Records : STR3172)

Following on from last month’s review of Volume 1, here’s the second release collecting the “Best of” this hard working family group. From the off, once again, it’s the strong harmonies that are the trademark of the Collingsworth Family. “Inhabit the Praise” sets the barre high with terrific vocals. “Light from Heaven” is a bright and happy song, while “he Already See the Rainbow” is a big ballad about letting God help you through the storms of life. As with the first release, there’s a few instrumental tracks thrown in, with the piano taking much of the lead. Of these, I found the closing “My Tribute” to be the best. Mid-album, I found my concentration waning a little, as the songs didn’t seem to be anything special. However, the uptempo “Bottom of the Barrel” lifted my spirits, as it simply raced along. I’m not sure which one of the Collingsworth ladies sings the lead on “I Can Trust Jesus”, but she comes out with a top performance, as she sings “I lean on His will because He know what’s best for me.” “Grandpa” is a sweet little song about days gone by, when true love last forever and promises meant more than they do today. It’s poignant theme certainly gives you food for thought. All in all, it’s another good collection but, perhaps, doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor. 7/10.


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