New Single and Video from Written in Kings

Welsh rockers, WRITTEN IN KINGS, release their new radio single ‘This Is Who We Are’ and its official music video, which documents the band on their most recent European tour.

With an unwavering spirit, Written in Kings have a passion to impact communities through their music, having toured in support of YFC and other charitable causes. The band, Ambassadors for Compassion UK, bring a sense of ethical responsibility to their business endeavors. Always striving for excellence, Written in Kings seek to bring the best live performance possible and are no strangers to the festival circuit – the group are regular fixtures at many of the largest music events across the UK and Europe.

The band’s new release ‘This Is Who We Are’ is a song that permeates pride for individuality and standing out from the crowd. Listeners are inspired to live their unique life to its fullest. It’s disorder at its finest.

With guitar heavy riffs and powerful vocals, Written in Kings deliver a fun and passionate rock song, which no doubt listeners will want to hear more of.

Preview and embed “This Is Who We Are” (RADIO SINGLE) here:

Preview and embed “This Is Who We Are” (MUSIC VIDEO) here:




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