The Review Zone – Sophia Dady : Closure @SophiaDady

Sophia Dady ClosureSOPHIA DADY : Closure. (

Sophia Dady is a UK singer/songwriter/musician with a diversity of influences which derive from trad jazz, pop, folk, and strong ties with Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Having grown up in a household rich amidst the arts Sophia inherited the creative side of her parents from an early age, and through this gained many years of experience to become an accomplished musician and singer. It wasn’t until after Sophia had raised her family that she has recently pursued this passion to create, and as a self-taught songwriter wanted to project her real life experiences of love, lust, power, and pain! This 5 track EP, sees the piano featuring predominantly, providing accompaniment to Sophia’s rather dusky vocals. “Yesterday” is the opening song, and tells of saying goodbye to your old-self by making today, better than yesterday. “Reach You” plods along at a pedestrian pace, and has a musical backing that I found quite dark and menacing. Four of the five songs sound very much alike and I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not, on this occasion. “Mountainside” sees Sophia singing of a journey towards her dream, with some nice cello sounds bringing warmth to the song during the break. The funky jazz sound of “Living the Dream” was a welcome change of sound to the song listing, before she returns to a rather melancholy number called “Anna’s Song.” It’s quite a deep thinking collection of songs that you really need to take time and listen, to get the full benefit of Sophia’s lyrics. Certainly, she brings something a little different to the musical table. 7/10.


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