Review Xtra – The Collingsworth Family : The Best of… Vol.1. @C_Fam1

THE COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY The Best of Vol 1THE COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY : The Best of…Vol.1. (Stow Town Records : STR3171)

After 17 years on the road in full-time concert ministry, this is the group’s first comprehensive collection of Collingsworth Family classic hits. Many of these songs have long been out of print, but these collections bring them back fresh and better than ever. All new up-to-date vocals have been re-recorded, utilizing the original tracks. The resulting album is delightful and a must buy for southern gospel fans. Great vocals, harmonies and music stand up proud, as the family presents song after song, all of the highest quality. From the opening “God is Faithful” to the closing choral version of “How Great Thou Art”, the quality never dips. The foot tapping “I Know” is a real pleaser. “I Know that Jesus is coming again,” they sing, when all around the world news tells of wars and unrest. “When God Whispers in Our Heart” is reminiscent of a musical style of the 40’s. Terrific harmonies and nice orchestral sounds made this one of my personal favourites. A lot of the songs are M.O.R ballads, such as “God is in the Shadows” and “Shine on Us.” Breaking that mould is the happy number called “Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness.” It’s a great message and there’s some really nice banjo playing in the background. If Volume 2 is anything like this album, listeners are in for a real treat! 9/10.


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