The Review Zone – Backroom Stereo : Something About You @BackroomStereo

backroom stereo something about youBACKROOM STEREO : Something About You. (

As with his previous releases, East Yorkshire’s Backroom Stereo’s latest single revolves around love. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! And, released on Valentine’s Day, this song tells of a newly found love. “I want to spend every second I have with you,” he sings, and you get the drift of the lyrics to the rest of the song. The tune is uptempo and guitar led, in a sort of early McFly sort of way. My disappointment with this track is the lack of a bridge or a change of tempo, that would break up the verse, chorus, verse chorus feel. A weak guitar solo does nothing to improve matters, but the song does grow on you with successive plays. Backroom Stereo reminds me of Welsh independent artist Phil Lewis, who has released countless, excellent, albums over the last 20 years. In the same way, I feel that Backroom Stereo still has more to offer in the future. 6/10.


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