The Review Zone – Relient K : Air For Free @relientK

RELIENT K Air For FreeRELIENT K : Air For Free. (Mono VS Stereo : B01HQO9VZ2)

Relient K are rock at the pop end of the spectrum – more Dandy Warhols than Slipknot. It’s rocky and chart-friendly at the same time, compete with Coldplay-esque piano trills. This is their 11th studio album so, as you might expect, they’ve worked out what their sound should be and are very good at it. The songwriting is good, the playing tight and very proficient, the production spot-on and the overall effect very up-tempo and upbeat. “Happy and summery” would be a good way to describe their sound, reminding me a bit of Dodgy in their more optimistic phases, but definitely modern in the feel of 5 Seconds Of Summer. There’s a latter-day Madness feel around too, no more so than on “Elephant Parade” and odd bits that reminded me of “Abbey Road” era Beatles, too. Lyrically they weave their way between just hanging around and straightforward statements of faith (“I believe in God” : “God”). Best track: “Mrs. Hippopotamuses”.
8/10 Paul Ganney.


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