The Review Zone – Dire Pitan : Nowhere Else. @iamdire

DIRE PITAN Nowhere ElseDIRE PITAN : Nowhere Else. (

Soulful singer/songwriter Dire Pitan says that it took a couple of years to finalise the songs for this EP. When asked about the lyrics of the songs, he says; “I sometimes write bilingual songs as sometime English could be restrictive in expressing what is pressing on my heart.” One such song is the opening “Olufe Okan Mi.” which is sung in both English and his native Yorubu. It’s a smooth number that tells of life’s journey with God, and is very easy on the ear. I found “Inspiration” to be a really engaging track. The story here is that knowing Christ died for you, should be all you need to believe. There’s a strong melody and some nice keyboard sounds. A minor moan about the whole package is that it lacks any written lyrics, therefore, I found “Afi Eledumare” rather difficult to understand. However, when asked, Dire explains; [it translates as] “’Only God’ or ‘Except God’. You know when the Bible states in Psalm 127v1, that “Unless ADONAI builds the house, its builders work in vain. Unless ADONAI guards the city, the guard keeps watch in vain.” Dire’s vocal delivery is excellent and has a great depth of feeling, and it’s easy to see why he is in great demand. The final song is the title track. Life is a journey, with all its up’s and down’s. But, travelling with the presence of God will get us through both the good times and trials. A special mention must go here to some beautiful harp playing from Daniel-De-Fry, as it really lifts the song. Only four songs to listen to, but they show great promise from this talented young man. 8/10.


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