New Video from Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North have released the official music video for “I Have This Hope,” one of the new songs from the multi-Dove Award winning band’s new album. Band member Mike Donehey of the band tells the story behind the song:

“I suppose the song that was hardest to write emotionally was “I Have This Hope”, which is our current single. We wrote that song for Jeff’s sister-in-law. We had a scheduled day to write, so we went into the studio and he had just found out. She’s 32-years-old and super healthy, but there was some fetal tissue leftover from her pregnancy that metastasized. And so we went in and wrote that song for her and forgot writing for the album. The doctors gave her a really bleak diagnosis, saying she would need at least a year of intense chemo. The cool part is she listened to a demo version every day in chemo for three months. And then when we were going to record the album version, she came with Jeff’s brother. She sits down on the couch and five minutes later she gets a test message saying she’s officially in remission from cancer from Vanderbilt Hospital. So that was pretty cool; you rarely have something that intense and personal then becoming the single.”

Watch the video here:


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