The Review Zone – NATHAN JESS : Tear the Veil.

nathan-jess-tear-the-veilNATHAN JESS : Tear the Veil. (Integrity Music)

Tear The Veil is the first single from the forthcoming release from Nathan Jess and features Jesus Culture’s Chris McClarney. The song is straight in with very little in the way of an introduction. It moves along at a medium pace largely driven by drums and pad keyboards. Guitar joins in for the first chorus and it starts to build through the second verse and into the second chorus but the guitars (in fact most of the backing) seem to sat a fair way back in the mix. The result is a lack of dynamics throughout the song – in fact it seems a little lifeless overall. It then comes to a stop in as sudden a way as it started. This is a radio edit version at 3:23 and it seems much shorter than that – you do get the impression that it has suffered at the hands of some rather over eager and insensitive editing. In short it is a plain song given no help by the backing or arrangement. I’ll be honest, I’m not overly impressed by the single at all, especially as it is the first single release in advance of a new album. Either it’s a bad choice of single, or the best of a bad bunch. Either way, it’s disappointing. 5/10 Robin Thompson.


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