The Review Zone -JESUS CULTURE : Let It Echo Unplugged. @jesusculture

jesus-culture-let-it-echo-unpluggedJESUS CULTURE : Let It Echo Unplugged. (Jesus Culture : 0602547899)

Recorded live at the Underground Lounge in Sacramento, this 7 track release features some of the song from the “Let It Echo” album that has become a worldwide hit. As the name suggests, unplugged means that all the instruments used are acoustic, and this stripped down version does lack a little of the awe its predecessor had. However, Kim Walker Smith is in her element, as she sings “Never Gonna Stop Singing.” Even in this bare all production, the message still comes across with great authority. Again, on “In the River”, Smith caresses each word of the song to make a joyful noise. The title track is sung by Chris Quilala. This version begins with just a few instruments backing his vocals, before everything comes crashing in, accompanied by myriad voices in praise. The Torwalt’s are featured on “God is With Us” and “Set Me Ablaze” and those gathered are certainly enjoying themselves, judging by the reaction to each song. If I’m honest, I prefer the original album in all it’s glory, but this one will also make a welcome addition to Jesus Culture fans. 7/10.


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