The Review Zone – #WORSHIP : Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here @elevationmusic

worship-holy-spirit-you-are-welcome-here#WORSHIP : Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here. (Elevation : ELE2175D)

Here’s the latest in the popular #Worship series, with 12 more songs of worship. First up is David Lyon’s Celtic folk song, “I Will Hope.” It’s bright and cheery, and encourages the listener to join in. Ben Cantelon’s “Love Came Down” is full of predictable clichés, such as “I was blind but now I see” and “I was lost but found in you.” I can’t say that the song impressed me much. “Waiting Here For You” is a slower number, while the title track sees the song writing credits of Bryan & Katie Torwalt. My favourite track has to be “Calvary.” Written by Reuben Morgan and Jonas Myrin, it’s a gentle sound but I was really moved by the chorus. As usual, no credits are given for the vocalists, but the female voice here is lovely. An acoustic, Celtic sound accompanies “Alleluia, He Has Loved Us” before the album seems to move into big production songs. Both “Christ Be All Around Me” and “At the Cross” sound as though they have both been lifted from a Hillsong event. Pete James’ “Talk to Jesus” is a prayerful song that reminds us that Jesus’ ear will never turn away. There are some good songs featured on this album, but on the whole it did sound a rather dis-jointed listen. 6/10.


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