The Review Zone Album of the Month – David Lyon : The Hands That Learn to Give @davidlyonmusic

david-lyon-the-hands-that-learn-to-giveDAVID LYON : The Hands That Learn to Give. (

David is one of those independent worship leaders and songwriters that make reviewing albums such a joy. Why not one of the major Christian labels haven’t picked up his music, I don’t know. Sharing the vocals with his wife Yvonne, David brings to the table twelve new songs of praise and worship. From the bright opening to “Higher Ground”, the song sets the standard for the rest of the album. The song itself is engaging and there’s a really nice, reflective break mid-way through. “I Will Hope” gets the Celtic treatment, complete with excellent fiddle playing from Seonaid Aitken. Yvonne’s first lead vocal comes on “Beloved and Frend,” as the song swings along with a great melody. “Exalt the Lord Our God” and “Lord of This Hurried Heart” are both gentler in sound but perfect for quieter praise and worship. I especially liked the fiddle and cello contributions, too. “Lord in your presence we bow, “ sings Yvonne on “All For You” – another song of great content. There’s a foot tapping folk feel to “You Make Us One”, while the uptempo beat of “Holy” races along. On this song, David’s vocals are superb, while the instrumental break between each verse are particularly enthralling. The album ends with one of the numerous duets, and sees David and his wife asking God to “[Lead us] As We Follow You.” A really excellent album, that sees David’s song writing and the production of Foundry Music Lab reach new heights. 10/10.


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