Review Xtra – Prestonwood Worship : Songs of the People @PWworship

prestonwood-worship-songs-of-the-people-coverPRESTONWOOD WORSHIP : Songs of the People. (Integrity : B01M3WDWD0)

The Prestonwood Church in Dallas has more than 42,000 members, and 500 of their ministry team gathered on stage for this live recording. Also featured are Michael W Smith and Paul Baloche, led by Michael Neale. Listening to the album, I got the feeling that this church produces music more akin to Hillsong, rather than Bethel Music. There are lots of big production numbers, and the title track is just one of them. From the off, it’s obvious that the congregation are singing along as one body. The uplifting “Your Love is Our Favourite Song” is very powerful. The vocalist sings of chains being broken and of “Freedom in your name,” For “Still My Soul sings” you can instantly imagine the hands of everyone being raised heavenwards in worship. The song that I found myself singing along to was “Our Story, Our Song.” Infectious and enriching, it certainly moved me in praise. Most of the songs are quite lengthy, and “Here is the Holy” comes in at 7 minutes – a tad too long in my opinion. There’s a nice orchestral intro to “Grace So Marvellous”, and I liked the way that both the vocals and music built up in power. There are thirteen tracks in total, and that results in over 70 minutes of music. Of course, quantity doesn’t always result in quality but for lovers of Hillsong music, it’s the perfect addition to your collection. 8/10.


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