The Review Zone – C3NC : Strongest Place @c3newcastlecity

c3nc-strongest-placeC3NC : Strongest Place. (

This is a very contemporary praise and worship album from a very contemporary band, so expect Coldplay/U2/Delirious style guitars and vocals (especially the male ones – the female vocals are more modern folky), with lyrics obviously tending more towards the latter and disappointment won’t follow. It’s recorded/produced in a presentation setting which suits me fine – I’m not much of a fan of recorded worship events, really, as they rarely capture what it was like to be there. Much better (in my opinion) is to have a well-recorded album to listen to that includes guitar solos etc. and save the calls to join in (and “second verse again”) for when you see them live. This album fits the bill every nicely, therefore. It has the up-tempo stuff (“Lift My Eyes”), the reflective stuff (“I’m In Awe”), the worship wall of sound stuff (“Covered”) and the anthemic stuff (“Strongest Place”). It’s well-written, recorded, played, sung and produced – which made it very easy to listen to and concentrate on the music rather than the medium. The overall theme of the album is that our strongest place is the place of worship of Jesus Christ and they convey that well. If there’s any criticism, it’s that you feel like you’ve heard it before as the style is so familiar now. However, it would be hard to hear this album and not be uplifted by it. Best track: “Lift My Eyes”. 8/10. Paul Ganney.


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