Review Xtra – Terry Holloman : DNA Transformation

terry-holloman-dna-transformationTERRY HOLLOMAN : DNA Transformation. (Provident)

This is Terry Holloman’s debut album. The innovative keyboard driven project is a fusion of Bethel style soaking worship sounds, mellow jazz, Windham Hill-esqe piano with touches of techno and urban influence. The instrumental album, with occasional vocal layering is a perfect backdrop for worship, quiet study, or prayer but with enough movement for dance, and as a soundtrack for the rhythms of everyday life. She says; “It is my prayer that this project penetrates the heart of the listener, and brings them to another place, a deeper connection with God”. The album has 6 pieces of music and starts with “Take You In”. There are various sampled sounds and repeated vocals, such as “Breathe on Me.” “Deeper Further” is the most uplifting track, with a pleasing tune that I enjoyed. Imagine raindrops falling, or shards of glass, and you may be able to imagine the sounds that start “DNA Transformation.” The title is vocally repeated several times over some warm, synth’ pa’s which I found to be quite soothing. Indeed, Terry seems to have achieved what she set out to do. Listening to these sounds, I found it quite easy to drift off into meditation and prayer. “Heaven’s Invasion” is a tune that consists of piano and atmospheric sounds, plus occasional crashing percussion. Both “Morning Flow” and “Preparing the Way” follow similar make up, with the whole thing coming in at around 35 minutes. An interesting and enterprising release. 7/10.


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