Review Xtra – Sommer Floyd : Ray of Light @sommerrfloyd

sommer-floyd-ray-of-lightSOMMER FLOYD : Ray of Light. (

Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, Sommer Floyd was voted Class Favourite and Most Talented by her high school classmates. However, since then she has battled through brokenness and has since found music as her sword for all life’s battles. This new album features pleasing melodies and a vocal quality that reminded this listener of Susan Ashton. The title track kicks things off, asong about God’s truth setting you free. It’s a light pop number with some nice jangly guitars playing in the background. “Drop and Run” was an early favourite, of mine, while “Chidlren of God” has one of those majestic choruses that really lifts your spirits. I liked the production of the orchestral sounds throughout the album such as on “I Need You” and the powerful “Let It Rain.” Sommer’s writing links words so well, and her story telling on “Little Boy” is exquisite. There’s a rather striking chorus to “Lighthouse”, while “He is Good” is simple praise of our Lord. Finally, there’s “Live Like Jesus.” The title says it all, but the song is cleverly done and it’s a reminder to us all. Sommer is obviously a talented young lady and this album should win fans from both sides of the Atlantic. 8/10.


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