The Review Zone – All Sons & Daughters : Poets and Saints

all-sons-daughters-poets-and-saintsALL SONS & DAUGHTERS : Poets And Saints. (Integrity : B018PYKNZO)

This CD is inspired by a journey across Europe, looking into the lives of various poets and saints, and there are songs based on people like St Francis, C S Lewis, to list just a couple. The songs are all fairly laid back affairs, with lots of ethereal sounding choirs singing in the background, and plenty of strings and synthesisers. The songs are all straightforward worship songs, although I’m not sure that many of them could be used in church very easily. This is a strange album to place really. The songs themselves are all perfectly good songs, and the album isn’t unpleasant to listen to. (Not sure that linking the songs to all these other people really helps though, to me it just kind of clouds the issue somewhat). A worship song is just that as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t need anything else tagging on. This is only my opinion of course, and there is a booklet included with this album, with some photographs of various places throughout Europe, and a lyric sheet describing which poet or saint was the inspiration behind the song. In the end I prefer just to hear the music, but others might be more interested in the process that lead to it. 6/10 Andy Sayner.


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