The Review Zone – Paul Baloche : Your Mercy @paulbaloche

paul-baloches-your-mercyPAUL BALOCHE : Your Mercy. (Integrity : B01L7FW8N8)

This new release from Paul Baloche finds him in full worship mode. Almost all the songs seem to be aimed at congregational worship, with some corkers and one or two songs that fall quite flat. “Psalm 92” opens things up, and shuffles along as Paul sings “It is good to praise you Lord and make music to your name most high.” “Once for All” is destined to become a song that will be sung across the nations. It might have the cliché line of “You Died so I could live” but the whole song cries out to be sung loudly. The same could be said of “Found in You.” It’s contemporary worship at its best, comlete with easy singalong chorus and verses full of God’s truth. The title track is one that grows on you, as it builds, musically. I really liked the addition of orchestral sounds to this track. Mid-album, things seem to get a little samey, and I found myself losing interest in songs like “Songs of the People” and “We Come to You Jesus.” Baloche adds the sounds of All Sons and Daughters on “To the Cross I Come”, and there’s a touching prayer for “Peace on Earth” as a closing song. Yes, there are some really good songs here, but perhaps the variety of style lets it down a little. 7/10.


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