The Review Zone – Casting Crowns : The Very Next Thing @castingcrowns

casting-crowns-the-very-next-thingCASTING CROWNS : The Very Next Thing. (Reunion : B01HKSZJ46)

For more than a decade, Casting Crowns have been making hit record after hit record. Their musical style has slowly evolved over the years, and this new release crosses a few musical genres. The first song is called “Hallelujah.” It’s a big production number that includes thumping drum beats and loud phrases of praise. The title track asks God to show the listener what He would like them to do next in their walk with Him. I can’t say that I was really impressed with the song, but that opinion changed with “One Step Away.” This is the sound that Casting Crowns fans know and love. Pop meets rock, and a smattering of big ballad sound results in a great song. From there, I thought that the album quality seemed to dip a little. As usual, there was nothing wrong with the message of each song, but the portrayal didn’t exactly excite me. However, that all changed with “When the Man of God Passes By.” Think country hoedown, and you’ve got a good idea of how this song sounds. For me, it’s the pick of the album, although “Song That the Angels Can’t Sing” runs it a close second. Ending things is an acoustic praise number called “Loving My Jesus,” which reminds us all of our relationship with Him. On the whole, it’s a good album, and fans will soon be clamouring for more. 8/10.


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