The Review Zone – #Worship : Our God @elevationmusic

worship-our-god#WORSHIP : Our God. (ELECD2101D)

The popular #Worship series returns with more songs for the church which features current and contemporary songs of worship, written by some of the finest writers in the world today. There’s a nice mix of new and more familiar songs on show, with “God of Wonders” kicking things off. There’s a rather rough vocal sound to “Holy is the Lord”, but it works well with just a mandolin backing. “Our God” gets a top rating from me, as it’s such a powerful version. The female vocals are top notch and the thrashing guitars help to get the message across that “Our God is Greater.” In similar style, “You Never Let Go” has a prevailing sound that just hits the right note. Of the newer songs, the quieter “Would You Restore”, written by Steve Fortunato is really good. On both “The Power of the Cross” and “Amazing Grace” vocalists are at the forefront of the songs, as just piano is used for accompaniment. I thought that the former worked well, but I wasn’t too sure about the latter. It seemed to lack any real meaning. Of the others, “Because of the Cross” deserves a mention. The female vocalist reminded me of Leigh Nash, and consequently the sound came over in a Sixpence None the Richer sort of way. Some nice choices of tracks here, and well worth a listen. 7/10.


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