The Review Zone – Maria Gilpin : Giving It All @GilpinMaria

maria-gilpin-giving-it-allMARIA GILPIN : Giving It All. (

Maria Gilpin is a talented singer songwriter from Portadown, Northern Ireland, and leads worship alongside her husband Mark at Portadown Elim Church. Drawing influences from artists such as The Civil Wars, Foy Vance and The Lumineers they travel from place to place with their music, hoping that people can relate to the songs they sing. Maria says; “Through our music we hope and pray that people will find peace in Jesus and see that they aren’t in their journey alone.” This 5 track EP gives a taste of what to expect from a live performance, kicking off with the title track. It’s a piano led song that tells of surrendering all to Jesus to find a new life. “You Give Life” follows that theme with a light, shuffling rhythm. You can hear real feeling in Maria’s voice during this song, which is accompanied by some nice acoustic guitar sounds. On Lead My Way”, she attacks the song vocally, and her delivery reminded me of classic Alanis Morrisette tones. Plodding on at pedestrian pace is “Fashioned By”, my least favourite track. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I found the song to be less appealing than the rest. Finally, the closing “Overflow” sees Maria tackling a big, powerful ballad, and she comes out on top. Vocally perfect, as she sings “Take my heart and let it overflow,” it’s a good end to a nice recording. 7/10.


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