The Review Zone – Jesus Culture : Let it Echo

jesus-culture-let-it-echoJESUS CULTURE : Let It Echo. (Jesus Culture : B002287602)

Already a massive hit across the globe, this Jesus Culture release has finally reached NFN Towers. Recorded at the Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, this is the group’s 9th live album. Now, I’ve never been the biggest Kim Walker-Smith fan but on this album, she is simply superb, vocally. Her soaring voice on the opening “Never Gonna Stop Singing” is one of the best tracks of the year. Chris Quilala takes the lead on “Fierce,” and produces a terrific, contemporary song of worship. The power of the first, four songs is relentless, and Walker-Smith features again on “Alive in You” and “In the River.” Finally, the title track slows things down a bit, with more than eight minutes of a song, perfect for soaking in God’s love. Most of the songs are quite lengthy but I found them excellent in production. “Set Me Ablaze”, sung by Katie Torwalt is another highlight, while Kim Walker-Smith once again shines on the awesome “In Your Presence.” I read one review of this album that really slated it, but my opinion joins the many more that rate this as one the best worship albums of the year. 10/10.


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