The Review Zone – Eric Kneifel : No Shadows

eric-kneifelERIC KNEIFEL : No Shadows.   (

Eric Kneifel is a passionate worship leader in Portland, OR. He’s led worship for close to 20 years at several churches along the west coast and in Colorado. Eric’s mission is to encourage and inspire God’s people to worship Him in spirit and truth, both through music and by living daily for His glory. This new album contains 12 self-penned songs of praise and worship. Eric has a distinctive guitar sound, and it gives a bright opening to “I Will Rejoice,” a song that worships our Saviour. His duet with Gabrielle Marita  on “This is Our God” is particularly pleasing on the ear. The song is one of many that is just perfect for collective worship. “Make me a vessel, fill me with passion for your cause,” are a few words from “Stir in My Heart.” Again, this melodic tune emphasises the real understanding that Eric has for producing a good congregational song, whilst also engaging the listener. In style, his songs are a cross between Steven Curtis-Chapman and Fernando Ortega, and his vocals are appealing. The title track sounds as if it should be a film score, as I felt it was a very powerful song. Eric’s guitar playing is carefully crafted to suit each track, but he also gives a glimpse of a rock influence on the solo piece within “At Your Feet.” Here, Gabrielle duets with Eric once more on and the voices supplement each other perfectly. “No Shadow” is an interesting album, full of finely chosen lyrics, weaved and put together by Eric, resulting in a lovely collection of songs.   9/10.



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