Revelator – The UK Based Songwriter’s Recording Studio




Like most songwriters, you probably love the idea of hearing your songs recorded really well. You’ve possibly tried recording yourself – maybe on your laptop or phone, but the quality makes you cringe, and you’d be too embarrassed to let anybody else actually listen. That’s a real problem because your songs are meant to be heard! Instead, the total number of lives enriched, and spirits lifted, is a resounding zero.What’s worse is that you know the songs are good. But they just don’t sound good – a painful place to be.

What if there was someone willing to walk with you, step-by-step, so that the music hidden inside you is finally brought to light? Well, that is that is exactly what I do! I got so frustrated with how bad my own recordings sounded that I decided to do something radical about it: I invested thousands of hours and thousands of pounds into my education.

Now, all that I’ve learned I am sharing with you.

Here are the areas I can help you with:

  1. Write : We’ll make use of proven guidelines that successful songwriters have been using for years and explore the possibilities of making what you’ve written even better.
  1. Record: We’ll take your song framework and I’ll guide you through choosing the right style, which instruments and sounds, work together well, and how they can be orchestrated to create the emotional impact you’re looking for.

If you play or sing, then it would be great to record you performing your songs. However, even if you’re a songwriter who can’t play a note or hold a tune, all is not lost. I play a number of instruments and will happily fill in any gaps in your arrangement – no matter how wide! We can also draw upon my network of session musician friends, and if your song is in need of someone to sing it, I have available a pool of gifted vocalists I can introduce you to.

  1. Release: Whichever direction you want to go, I can help you release your music – from the confined place it’s currently in, to flowing freely in the direction of the people who need to hear it. To do this we can make use of a combination of graphic design, photography, copywriting, video, web design & social media.

Make the music that’s in your heart. You really don’t have to be a young, stick-thin pop star for your songs to be valuable and for them to make the world a better place. You have full permission to make the music that’s in your heart to make.

Some of the artists I’ve worked with have gone from obscurity to enjoying radio play, and we’ve had songs placed on magazine cover discs too.

So, would you like me to help you bring your songs out of hiding?

Find out more & hear examples:

I look forward to meeting you,



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