Review Xtra – Danny O’Callaghan : Son of My Father @dannocallaghan

danny-ocallaghan-son-of-my-fatherDANNY O’CALLAGHAN : Son of My Father. (Freshwater Media.)

This is a five track EP, containing a series of songs that talk about a lost soul finding its way back home to the father.
The first track “Burn” has also been released as a single, and is a fast paced rock track with a driving beat and lots of jangling guitar licks, which are a feature throughout this EP. There is also a Celtic feel behind some of the tracks too. I liked this EP right from the word go, it’s all quite straightforward and unpretentious, and has a style that is quite different from a lot of stuff that’s around at the moment. There’s a kind of honesty behind it. The lyrics are well written, and make their point clearly. I’d quite like to hear a full album by Danny, but in the meantime this is well worth a listen. It’s available on itunes, Spotify, and all the usual outlets. 9/10 Andy Sayner.


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