Review Xtra – Cissa : Connexion

cissa-connexionCISSA : Connexion. (

Senegal born Cissa has been making music since the mid-90’s. However, 2012 is the year that rang out with the arrival of a top-notch album, with his unique style that includes variations of gospel, R&B, Afro Dance Soul and Afro Beat. 3 years later, Cissa’s European tour saw him visit France, Belgium and The Netherlands, This new album is sung almost entirely in French, but the sleeve notes are also written in English. Saying that, I still found it very difficult to make the translated lyrics scan and fit into each song. What I can say is that Cissa’s songs are predominantly very catchy in style. From the opening “Sacrifice” to the closing “Alleluia”, there’s hardly a tune I didn’t enjoy. “Le Secours” (The Rescue) is a mellow acoustic number that also features some very light percussion. There’s more of a reggae feel to “Alpha-Omega”, were Cissa sings to Jesus “You will come back to bring us to you.” Being freed by the blood of Jesus appears to be the subject of both the title track and “Heritage”. The latter has an uptemo beat while the former sounds Latin in origin. On “Trone De Grace” (Throne of Grace), I thought that the accompanying saxophone was rather intrusive, as it fights with Cissa’s vocals for supremacy. On “Soins Du Couer” (Heart Care), the lyrics give warning about letting things like jealousy, hate and resentment making your heart bitter. Instead, focus on forgiveness and make your heart a loving one instead. Here, the tune races along and I found it almost impossible to keep up, once more, with translation. Judging by his press release, Cissa is a very busy chap and has even released an album dedicated to children centring on education and upbringing. I’d love to hear his songs, sung in English as, for me, I just found reading the lyrics alongside his French tongue a little too much. 6/10.


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