MOBO Nomination for S.O.

s-oS.O. has been nominated for a MOBO Award, and now Lamp Mode’s first international artist needs his fans to vote.

Founded in 1996, the MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) Awards can be described as the UK version of the BET Awards.  S.O. is one of five artists nominated in the best gospel act category.

The selection comes off the success of  S.O.’s most recent full-length project So It Ends. That album reached No. 24 on Billboard Christian Album charts, No. 7 on Billboard Heatseakers charts and No. 3. on UK Official Christian charts. S.O. said. “It feels good to get recognized for the work you’ve put in over the years.”

Fans from all over the world – from Ghana to Australia – have voted for S.O., and the Lamp Mode artist has done something unique to express his gratitude.

“I spent a whole day just calling fans,” he said, “just saying, ‘Thank you for voting for me.’ It’s been a great thing to see how far the music has gone.”

The MOBO Awards are scheduled for Nov. 4. Voting is open through Oct. 24.

“It’s just over a week left in the voting process,” S.O. said. “It literally takes two minutes to vote for me. We can show people that the type of music we do can be recognized.”

S.O. fans can vote at, and keep up with the awards by following @MoboAwards on Twitter or the #MoboAwards hashtag on various social media outlets.


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